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Admin10/12/21 12:00 AM1 min read

VLOG: Raw Data vs Intelligence - mind the gap!

Mckenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) prides itself on being an intelligence provider, but what do we mean by that? How do our services differ from raw data providers?

We are often asked about the difference between raw data and intelligence, and saw this as an opportunity to spell out how we define this and how we bridge the gap between receiving streams of raw data from a myriad of sources to delivering actionable intelligence to our clients.

Not only do our insurance clients want to understand what the world looks like from a claims and exposure management perspective, but MIS also works with large FTSE50 companies that want to enable better understanding and decision making across activities such as raw product production, supply chain and logistics management, and to support Environmental and Social Governance insights. 

In this video MIS Head of Product Rosina Smith, and Founder and CEO Forbes McKenzie highlight the fact that raw data on its own provides a single line of reporting, whereas intelligence provides context allowing for a deep dive on data that has been cleansed, analysed and evaluated. 

The crux of the issue is that raw data on its own can give a misleading picture, and should not be relied on for decision making. 

Rosina and Forbes discuss how MIS is completely data agnostic, and can automatically get the best data for the job depending on the nature of the event or location being investigated. MIS’s in-house algorithm can ingest data from a huge variety of courses, ranging from highly specialist drone imagery all the way through to open source data, and combines machine learning with military grade analysis to deliver the highest standard of intelligence commercially available. 

Find out more about MIS’ unique intelligence lens in the video below