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McKenzie Intelligence Services1/30/20 12:00 AM3 min read

Australian Bushfire Damage Assessment - MIS

MIS has analysed the extent of damage of almost 500,000km2

(London, 13 January 2020) – The latest satellite imagery analysis and intelligence from Mckenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) has revealed an accurate breakdown of the damage caused by the devastating ongoing Australian bushfires.

Using artificial intelligence which is underpinned by human expertise, MIS in-house imagery analysts have analysed the extent of damage of almost 500,000km2 in the eastern part of New South Wales and Victoria.

From this analysis, MIS can assess that National Parks account for the largest damage segment, with 90% of this land destroyed. Urban and Residential areas and Agricultural land account for 8% and 2% of the damage caused, respectively.

Damage assessment

Burn damage assessment of South East Australia reveals National Parks account for 90% of destruction**

Source: McKenzie Intelligence Services

Given the severe and devastating damage to National Parks, the major cost of the bushfires so far has been to ecology and wildlife. However, according to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA), claims continue to mount, surpassing the 10,000 mark and equating to north of Aus$1bn.

MIS aims to assist exposure management and claims teams in assessing the impact of the fires on their insured locations, permitting proactive and informed decision making.

With the fires proving little respite and smoke free days, traditional satellite imagery poses a problem due to its inability to see through the thick smoke. MIS circumvents this by utilising certain imagery and employing cutting edge techniques that permit the team to see through smoke and identify both active fires and burnt areas.

Commenting on the latest findings, Forbes McKenzie, chief executive of MIS, said: “The extent of these fires and the collateral loss is unprecedented and deeply unsettling. It is therefore important to be able to assess the area as quickly as possible and learn what the potential damage is to better inform all response efforts.”

He added: “MIS is actively working with Lloyd’s of London and looking to assist NGOs, charities and local authorities in order to assist victims whose homes and communities have been destroyed.”

Notes to editors

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) is an imagery and geospatial intelligence consultancy firm, servicing clients globally.

We provide intelligence processing and data and information collection services for the global re/insurance industry. This includes the ability to look anywhere on Earth in near real time via the medium of cloud penetrating satellite images and ground sensed internet of things devices.

Our intelligence is available to the re/insurance industry across a number of areas and specialisms, including: claims and loss adjusting; exposure management and modelling; business interruption; agriculture; reinsurance and specialty adjusting; power stations, ports and harbours, energy pipelines, municipal buildings and solar panels.

MIS empowers teams to make important reserving and coverage decisions more quickly, helps to reduce reliance on loss adjusting, enables proactive service to policyholders, and early insight into exposure at portfolio level.

Our intelligence is derived from multiple sources, as well our inhouse re/insurance expertise:

  • Satellites
  • The Internet of Things
  • Drones
  • Radar
  • Military grade analysts

MIS have been the Lloyd’s market geospatial imagery and intelligence providers since 2016, providing the Corporation, all Lloyd’s managing agents, TPAs and partners access to the award winning MIS-Intel portal, delivering best in class imagery and analysis, enabling them to utilise technology to better service their policyholders and make claims and exposure management processes more efficient.

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