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4/11/24 5:09 PM4 min read

US Hail: Turning Trusted Data into Actionable Insights for Insurers

Historically speaking, predicting and assessing the impact of a hailstorm has been one of ...
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2/17/24 10:00 AM4 min read

MIS Turns 13: A Brief History by Forbes McKenzie

As the Founder/CEO of McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), I am immensely proud to share ...
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2/6/24 10:46 AM8 min read

Seeing Through the Smokescreen: How Multi-Format Imagery Enables Effective Wildfire Response

Wildfires are undoubtedly one of the easiest natural perils to spot with the naked eye. ...
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1/9/24 2:40 PM6 min read

Is Australia about to have another Black Summer?

After the widespread devastation of Australia’s Black Summer bushfire season in 2019-20, ...
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12/19/23 3:34 PM7 min read

MIS Year in Review: A look back at 2023

As we’ve reached that stage in December where everyone is winding down ahead of ...
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11/14/23 11:18 AM2 min read

Viva MIS Vegas: Our Take on ITC Vegas 2023

InsureTech Connect Vegas 2023 has generated considerable anticipation in the past few ...
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8/3/23 12:00 AM2 min read

The Transformative Haven of Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre

McKenzie Intelligence Services recently completed our second charity event of 2023 with ...
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6/29/23 12:00 AM2 min read

How can HR be an ally?

Being called an ‘ally’ on my first day at MIS is one of the proudest moments of my ...
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3/20/23 12:00 AM5 min read

Hail: The United States’ most underrated danger

How prepared are you to respond? Each year, thousands of thunderstorms form and pass ...
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