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McKenzie Intelligence Services2/19/21 12:00 AM1 min read

Winter Storms in the US

MIS analyses the impact of the Winter Storm in the US

London 19 February  2021- The latest IoT & satellite led intelligence from McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) has revealed  an accurate breakdown of the damage caused by the Winter Storm in the US.  This includes time series data of properties without power, locational data of freezing weather and the well known MIS interactive damage layer. 

Our exposure and claims reports deliver intelligence from the ground to users, providing an initial assessment of the areas likely exposed to the event and the potential severity of damage inflicted. 

This can be used for triaging claims response (40% improved efficiencies) and considerably higher levels of trusted reserving estimates. 

About MIS 

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) is an imagery and geospatial intelligence data firm, servicing clients globally.

We provide intelligence processing and data and information collection services for the global re/insurance industry. This includes the ability to look anywhere on Earth in near real time via the medium of cloud penetrating satellite images and ground sensed internet of things devices.

Our intelligence is available to the re/insurance industry across a number of areas and specialisms, including: claims and loss adjusting; exposure management and modelling; business interruption; agriculture; reinsurance and specialty adjusting; power stations, ports and harbours, energy pipelines, municipal buildings and solar panels.

MIS empowers teams to make important reserving and coverage decisions more quickly, helps to reduce reliance on loss adjusting, enables proactive service to policyholders, and early insight into exposure at portfolio level.

Our intelligence is derived from multiple sources, as well our inhouse re/insurance expertise:

  • Satellites
  • The Internet of Things
  • Drones
  • Radar
  • Military grade analysts

MIS have been the Lloyd’s market geospatial imagery and intelligence providers since 2016, providing the Corporation, all Lloyd’s managing agents, TPAs and partners access to the award winning MIS-Intel portal, delivering best in class imagery and analysis, enabling them to utilise technology to better service their policyholders and make claims and exposure management processes more efficient.

For more information

To view the reports for Claims and Exposure please contact the below. 

MIS Contact Forbes McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, McKenzie Intelligence Services

Email: [email protected]