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McKenzie Intelligence Services5/5/21 12:00 AM1 min read

Analysing the bigger picture

Forbes McKenzie, CEO of McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), discusses the importance of location intelligence and the company’s listing in InsTech London’s latest report

When it comes to insurance claims – especially policies concerning buildings and contents – location intelligence is key. Whether analysing damage caused by flooding, wildfires or even geopolitical events, technologies in this field can provide critical data for insurers, helping them speed up the claims process and even prevent fraud.

This is the focus of InsTech London’s latest report – Location Intelligence 2021: The Companies to Watch. Where, what and how risky? – which looks at 50 of the leading companies using location intelligence technologies to identify and manage risk in the insurance sector.

As Matthew Grant, Partner InsTech London says, “identifying, extracting and sharing data is opening up new opportunities for better risk protection for insurers, homeowners and businesses around the world.” And we couldn’t agree more. 

Improved imagery – whether from satellites, drones or a variety of other sources – is key to understanding the impacts of disasters. Thankfully, such technology and data is becoming more easily accessible, bringing with it the opportunity to create a competitive and innovative market, but organisations will need help to navigate the complex and developing landscape that is imagery sources.

We are proud to feature in InsTech London’s report, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate our ability, understanding and experience of providing post-event claims analysis using data from drones and satellites. 

To read the report click HERE