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McKenzie Intelligence Services10/27/22 12:00 AM3 min read

McKenzie Intelligence Services partners with Brush Claims to accelerate response times to natural disasters.

UK geospatial intelligence leader to provide real-time data and actionable insights to US insurtech claims solution firm.

London, UK – 27 October 2022 – McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), a geospatial intelligence leader, and Brush Claims (Brush), an insurtech claims solution firm using innovative proprietary technology, are partnering to accelerate incident and claims responses following catastrophic events.

As a leader in the insurance industry’s digital transformation, Brush’s partnership with MIS will provide the firm with the ability to understand when, where, and how damage occurs in real-time, ultimately further helping clients and accelerating response times to natural disasters.

The partnership will provide Brush with real-time analysis of global perils, including storms, wildfires, and flooding, that will be leveraged alongside their suite of  InsurTech solutions, Hubvia, to provide the most advanced claims processing on the market. The data provided by MIS’s AI-powered program, Global Events Observer (GEO), allows their partners to not only instantly assess but even predict damages at a time when physical access to the risk location may be limited following a natural catastrophe.

The damage predictions allow carriers to set accurate reserves and the real-time analyses allow for unprecedented accuracy and efficiency of catastrophe response plans. The innovative partnership is unlike any other: providing full, end-to-end offering, taking CAT team responses from reactive to proactive and putting the insured at the heart of the process.

Will Bonner, Chief Operating Officer of MIS, said: “Both McKenzie Intelligence Services and Brush Claims are committed to reshaping the insurance industry through the intelligent application of technology. By harnessing the combined power of GEO and Hubvia, Brush will be in a position to provide a superior, customer-focused response to both carriers and insureds when they are most in need.”

“The partnering of McKenzie Intelligence Services’ Global Events Observer (GEO) and our suite of insurtech solutions, Hubvia is the first step of many to truly shift catastrophe response from reactive to proactive,” said Troy Stewart, President and Chief Operating Officer of Brush Claims. “Not only does our partnership drastically improve the claims process of our joint client partners, but it allows us to adequately prepare policyholders for how the impending catastrophe will impact them. Brush and MIS will be able to deliver an unparalleled level of service and care for clients and customers alike.” 

Weather-related disasters increased fivefold over the past 50 years, according to a report by the World Meteorological Organization, which predicts disasters will only become more frequent and severe in years to come. Geospatial tools like GEO can combine with other data sources to serve as an innovative way of predicting damage to insured infrastructure and businesses, supercharging the claims process and allowing for accurate fund designation. MIS and Brush will both be attending the world’s largest gathering for claims executives at Reuters Events Connected Claims USA 2022. To learn more about the partnership, please visit:


Notes to editors

About Brush Claims

Brush Claims is an insurtech claims solution firm that utilizes innovative proprietary technology and industry-leading processes to deliver a full claims solution with a world-class customer experience. Brush continues to experience rapid growth, strategically expanding its service offering and adding industry-leading features to Hubvia, their suite of insurtech solutions. For more information, visit

About McKenzie Intelligence Services

McKenzie Intelligence Services accelerates disaster relief and economic recovery when people and businesses are most in need. We empower insurers with trusted intelligence to respond to catastrophes, whether natural or man-made. Our clients have realised the following benefits:

  • Rapid quantification of potential exposure and concentration to an event, enabling lower administrative costs with efficient claims reserving, triage, and adjuster deployment
  • Proactive risk mitigation, delivering reduced claims costs and improving insured satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced cycle times between cross-functional teams operating from a single source of truth, improving operating costs and facilitating improved stakeholder communication
  • Evidence-based assessments to support complex claims, significantly reducing overall claims costs for both insurers and reinsurers

For more information, please visit

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