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Admin10/12/21 12:00 AM1 min read

VLOG: The Global Intelligence Grid

Mckenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) only employs the data that answers our clients’ questions, not deploying a piece of technology because that’s what we purchased. So how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors?     

In 2011 when MIS was launched, we took an image from space, analysts worked on that image and it was released as a document. That was an analogue approach and as more clients came along, we wanted to engineer a solution to deliver our intelligence at scale.

In this video, MIS Founder and CEO Forbes McKenzie and Head of Product, Rosina Smith, talk about how MIS developed a grid of the whole world broken up unto 50 metre square blocks which gives intelligence to an area – providing an electronic interface with what is happening on the ground and with clients’ risk. 

When an individual event unfolds, we start from the macro level and refine our intelligence layer down to a micro level – and what is particularly interesting is how we then interpret that into the language that our clients speak and resolution that they’re interested in. 

For insurance clients, for example, they’re interested in which of their policies are affected and which of the buildings within those policies are affected – not the individual squares – to allow them to make informed decisions.

The intelligence grid is what is happening behind the scenes which clients do not see – what they’re interested in is the answers behind each line of risk. The grid operates all over the world and provides invaluable intelligence across multiple events, locations and property types.

The MIS Global Events Observer (GEO) is a true game-changer and is designed to be used on the ground by loss adjusters – providing oversight as well as directing teams to where they should most effectively apply their resources. GEO is accessible on hand-held devices or via API and the key is outputs – whether that be mapping functions, written text or videos – which are all included as standard, ensuring clients can share this intelligence around their organisations as required.

We are also delighted to now be working with the European Space Agency which brings extensive technical insights, rigour and project management expertise as we continue to build out GEO which is going to be our core proposition moving forwards.